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Rates and Terms

There is an installment loan for every life event. Home repairs, vacation, auto purchase - you can select from a wide range of options available. And the best part is that you can repay the loan over a period of time on very flexible terms.

Installment Means
Repay Over a
Longer Period of Time

The calculator below can be used to estimate loan payments and total loan costs. Simply select requested loan amount, credit status and repayment term and click Estimate my payments.

Loan amount: Credit: Repayment term:
Estimate my payments
Loan amount:
Estimated APR*:
Mo. Payment:
Loan Term:
Total loan cost:
*Actual APR varies based on individual factors and applicable state regulations.

Why do APRs vary so much?

There is more than one factor that determines your final APR, besides your credit profile. This calculator provides a rough estimate of the range of interest rates and monthly payments that one can expect. The final APR will be determined after your loan application has been processed and may fall within this range.

Terms of loan

We have dozens of direct lenders in our network and each lender may offer a slightly different set of terms. You are advised to read through your final loan agreement as it contains important details about your loan costs, repayment schedule, late fees and loan renewal policies. These policies vary considerably by state, particularly, for high risk loans.

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