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Installment loans

This type of loan allows you to repay over a longer period of time than traditional cash advance and by smaller individual payments. It's an easy way to get up to $2,400 overnight.
NOTICE: An installment loan is not available to all customers and a payday loan of up to $1,800 with a shorter (up to 2 months) loan term may be offered instead.

Installment Means
Repay Over a
Longer Period of Time


Loan Amount and Re-Payment

Interest rate

Interest rate (APR - Annual Percentage Rate) depends on many factors, such as one's credit rating, loan amount and repayment period. Customers with good credit can expect APR as low as 29%. Most customers with poor credit can expect APR up to 474%. The actual loan rate will be stated in your loan agreement upon loan approval. You have 3 day grace period to rescind your loan.

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